Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Hi yall,

I was assigned to do some R&D on a project, which has, some kinda 'tentacle flame' element in it.
The tentacles have to move, slide and grow along in a predictable and animatable path. After the animation is done the FX department come in and generate dynamic flame out of the tubes!

The thing is, due to what I have learn, the director is pretty much a picky person(of course, most of em are).
It came to me to think that it's gonna be a pain to go back and forth between me and animators. So, what if, I let the animators rig it themselves!

Here come the tool. Draw a curve. Tweak some parameter. Boom! DONE. You have a animatable tentacle that slides through path. Nothing fancy at all, the script draw joints along the path for the path and the tentacle, apply a spline ik, create controls and hook up some connections.

PS. I'can't share the script for now, sorry.

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