Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The new LEGO Friends 2018!

The project I worked on last year just came out! This is a bit too girly for my taste but it turned out pretty nice (thanks to our great team at Picture This), and surprisingly, I'm so proud!

As a Rigging TD / kinda general TD
I was responsible for:
- Facial model development
   - modifying existing model making sure the girls are as pretty as possible
     (all the main girls and half a dozen of others)
- Facial rigging/blendshape/workflow devlopment
    - for all the main girls and half a dozen of others
- Rigging tools development
   - setup rigging workflow
   - blendshape tool and many others...
- Animation tools development
   - Anim picker, Dynamic chain tool, etc...
- Pipeline
   - a couple of asset pipeline tools I helped with
   - fixing, fixing, fixing, trouble shooting and...back to FIXING


We've Got Heart - Music Video

Girls on a Mission in Heartlake City - Mini Movie

Meet Olivia! Character Spot

Meet Stephanie! Character Spot

Meet Mia! Character Spot

Meet Andrea! Character Spot

Meet Emma! Character Spot

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